This morning I find myself cycling through various recordings of Mexican music in search of material for an upcoming recital. I’ve been planning this recital in my mind for a while, but in sometimes it has felt like a vague notion of a possibility rather than a real production. Considering the wealth of music availability, as well as my unfamiliarity with much of it, this recital was starting to feel like a far-off dream.

Then it happens. Listening to the music, focusing on the lyrics, and fully immersing myself in these beautiful sounds I begin to sense a growing excitement from the repertoire. Now I find myself gravitating towards certain songs with specific messages that I want to share. These are canciones, rancheras, and boleros from all over Mexico, and my original list of 5 or 6 songs that I was familiar with has now turned into about 40 that I love and must find a way to whittle down.

That sense of excitement, of eagerness, is something that lately I have noticed more, particularly when choosing my own projects and ventures. I felt it when we began rehearsing Tosca, I feel it when I go to my weekly Tap classes, and now I am feeling it while planning this recital. It is the eagerness to delve into something, to know there is great satisfaction in the research, and then to pass on this beauty to others. I am hearing this beautiful music, which is a part of my heritage, and falling in love with this culture even more, so much so that I cannot wait to share it with others. Therein lies my motivation for the recital.

In moments like these I realize how wonderful this profession is. I understand how the research and collaboration required for genuine and sincere performance is my job; and I love it!

More information about the recital will follow soon, but for now, so you know, my friend Alejandro Magallón and I will perform a recital of Mexican music on Friday, June 10th, at the Minnesota Opera Center. As plans solidify I will share the details. Hope to see you there!