A Gesture of Gratitude

The other day a colleague at work asked me a good question: “So, why are you putting on a recital?”

The list of reasons came easily enough. I want to present myself to the community in my own concert with songs that I choose; to create a project to work towards that challenges me; to share the work I have been doing lately with those who are familiar with my singing as well as those who aren’t; to introduce song repertoire to audiences more familiar with opera repertoire; and I can go on.

However, the more I think about it, I realize that the main reason is that I really want to give back. I wish to say “Thank You” to this great community of friends and family, teachers and mentors, businesses and arts organizations, by way of a recital that displays the passions, efforts, and diligence of my work. I wish to share music that is touching because of its own inherent beauty as well as its resonance with my personal life. I wish to give this to everyone because I want to show them what they have helped to make possible.

To Minnesota Opera I have to give many thanks for the opportunities they have given and continue to give to me. It is because of this great company that I moved here and am now thriving and constantly pursuing this path of music performance. They helped further my training and my experiences in opera. They also introduced me to my current voice teacher, George Smith, who has propelled my understanding and my abilities in singing to heights I could not have previously imagined. Also, it was through Minnesota Opera that I first met my wife, whose love and support cannot be overstated.

I have chosen to hold my recital at the Opera Center in the North Loop District of Minneapolis because of my connection to the company and my gratitude for the opportunities that they have provided to me. For my teacher, George, I present this recital as a representation of his teaching and the abilities that I have been able to develop through studying with him, which I hope will further his recognition as a gifted teacher here and abroad. To Clare, my wife, the repertoire I have chosen represents the many colors of emotion and inspiration I feel in my Love for her.

Finally, to the rest of our broad community, who have supported me, promoted me, and who continue to encourage me, I offer this recital for FREE as my gift back to you for the 5 glorious years I have had here so far. May it be a beginning of the many more years I hope to spend here, accepting what gifts are offered and giving back what gifts I have.

Recital Info:
Date: Friday, November 21, 2014
Time: 7pm
Location: Bemis Rehearsal Hall, Minnesota Opera Center, 620 N. 1st St., Minneapolis, MN 55401
Cost: Free

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