What a fantastic journey this has been!

This statement pertains to everything I hold dear: Life, Love, Art, Everything. My experiences, like everyone, can fill an endless number of books, so let me begin by saying Thank You to all for everything made possible and everything yet to be.

This is a BEAUTIFUL feeling to have after a recent week-long trip to London for a workshop of Eric Whitacre’s Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings. I have been a part of this project for 8 years now. Amazing! And still the music continues to fascinate me. Furthermore, the development of the story to this musical is delving into so many relatable references to our current world. I will reveal nothing now, rather I will continue to entice until the show opens. And what a show it will be! I am fortunate, so incredibly lucky, to be working on this modern musical with such a gifted composer and cast. I am also grateful for this opportunity to continue developing a character, Gravitas, which was written specifically for me. I have my work cut out for me, as it always is, and I am excited for the challenge, for the practice, for this journey.